Home appliance rise in price and the price
Business and the money to buy the consumption of psychological warfare, is entering a new phase. Some smart manufacturers and .. ...
How to choose and buy anion and pure and fresh machine
1. According to your own room size and personal hobby, choose the corresponding power design, color. Sitting room, bedroom and small office appropriate choice of colour lightness, rich decorative means little power ball and pure and fresh machine,
2. See the product produce anion speed and whether the number to the corresponding standard, whether to have relevant certification marks, whether can really meet the needs of the clear indoor air pollution.
3. See if it can effectively remove smoke taste, odor, dust, bacteria etc.
4. See the new products put in the room is flexible, following the air pollution sources can effectively remove the peculiar smell

Induction cooker common fault inspection and eliminate measures

1. Insert the plug will burn insurance. This is because the internal circuit connection wire insulation layer damage caused by collision and short circuit. This kind of failure can be observed with eyes out, change good insulating layer can be. In addition, also may be power plug connection loose and short circuit. So a plug in plug will burn insurance, this kind of failure is more common.

2. Press the key switch will burn insurance, this kind of the cause of failure is electric heating element short circuit. This kind of short circuit most is electric heating element connection wire insulation destruction cause, so replace good insulation can eliminate. Electric heating element own short circuit is rare, if change good insulated conductor, fault still cannot eliminate, usable multimeter R x 10 gear measuring electric heating element two terminal, such as no power display (meter index is zero), is the electric heating element short circuit, can replace the new hot plate.

Home appliance master competition initiative
Whether intelligent television on LCD TV upgrade, or more open the door without cream fresh refrigerator for ordinary refrigerator replacement.. ...