Home appliance rise in price and the price of the marketing logic behind
Due to the home appliance market competition is intense, the last ten years, home appliance to consumer impression is always in the price cut. Said home appliance unexpectedly also up the price, can be hard to make people believe that.Business and the money to buy the consumption of psychological warfare, is entering a new phase. Some smart manufacturers and stores found this, began to tentatively stray from time to time out "rise in price". Many consumer buys exist when buy or not to buy up drop psychology, in the home appliance market, this kind of psychological may partly similar. However, consumers buy home appliance will

Home appliance master competition initiative
Whether intelligent television on LCD TV upgrade, or more open the door without cream fresh refrigerator for ordinary refrigerator replacement, or the whole dc to frequency conversion air conditioning upgrade again, in these to * * national electric enterprise to promote the leading role of "product upgrading comprehensive accelerated" behind, it is the leader of the electrical appliances enterprise product technical innovation system declared to establish and complete from meet demand to create demand a comprehensive understanding, and ultimately rely on "technical strength" completion of the household electrical appliance industry competition pattern of subversion.

Home appliance export boom hold steady industry calls for brand support
Air conditioner and refrigerator freezer etc refrigerating products exports in the first half of the larger. The second quarter most enterprise foreign trade volume are present different amplitude growth, which in addition to be seasonal factors, emerging market pull and traditional market recovery outside influence, the increase in the price of products and improve the total foreign trade

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